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Passion: A convincing intense emotion, strong feeling, an enthusiasm or a desire for "something."

That "something" is  Photography to me.

Two things moving life: My Family and Photography. Actually I could say it's just one, because wedding photography is already part of everyday life of our family for 4 years. My photography is happy, why is it so that I see life, and that's how I see I marriage: a union that has only one goal: to make the other happy. And speaking of happiness, I am married to a beautiful red-haired woman and was presented with the most beautiful redheaded daughter of the world. Yes, they are endangered and I have two at home: D Oh, and this big belly around the photo? Well, it was Benicio before birth, now I'm here with him in her lap and drooling a lot =) In short, they are my greatest motivation, they are (along with the photograph) responsible for my happiness.

I'm photographing most marriages in Brasilia, but this does not prevent me from photographing your wedding or testing anywhere in the world: D In my blog you can check out the photos of the places that we have passed (USA, Patagonia, Chile, John person, Floripa, Camboriú, Rio de Janeiro, etc.)

If you identified with what he saw here, if you also love to travel, if you also love your family and especially if you also live life without fear of being happy, we are happy to talk to you!


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